iPad 2 – A Triumph of Capitalism Over Communism

Good morning students, your final exam in economics includes this document-based-question (DBQ)
Study these two images, and discuss how capitalism's capacity to supply consumer goods triumphed over the chronic shortages of communism.
Extra credit: Speculate on how Angry Birds might have impacted the "domino theory" of the Cold War.

Communism 1983: USSR
A queue at the footwear store to buy imported footwear. 
Note: Imports were considered to be bet­ter qual­ity and more fash­ionable ­than Soviet goods.


Source: The Real USSR

Capitalism 2011: USA 
iPad 2 line at Fifth Avenue retail store in Manhattan. (One Week After iPad 2 Launch)
Note: iPad 2 is way better than the HP TouchPad.


Source: MacRumors.com

 Want to know why these people are still waiting?
Read my post "Steve Jobs, You Evil Genius! I – Must – Have – iPad 2!" 


2 thoughts on “iPad 2 – A Triumph of Capitalism Over Communism

  1. Reply
    Jamie Steckart - March 21, 2011

    I knew you would come over to our side Peter. It was only a matter of face time!

  2. Reply
    Peter Pappas - March 21, 2011

    OK I lust for them (see my post “Steve Jobs, You Evil Genius! I – Must – Have – iPad 2!” http://bit.ly/ejxT1K

    But don’t want to wait in the Soviet-style line. Maybe I’ll pre-order my iPhone 5 in the interim.

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