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I teach, write and consult. I'm interested in the intersection of critical thinking, teaching and new technologies. Most of my career in education was as a public high school history teacher. I have also served as a K-12 Director, and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. Currently, I teach future teachers using a PBL approach at the University of Portland. My courses: Social Studies Methods and EdTech Methods.

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  • Close Reading Historical DocumentsClose Reading Historical Documents
    Here's how I used Primary Source Icebreakers with Padlet to create an online activity in Close reading of historical documents […]
  • Socratic Seminar for the Covid ClassroomSocratic Seminar for the Covid Classroom
    Here's my PBL Socratic seminar model that decreases classroom density into small staggered in-school seminars and full size virtual classes. […]
  • Historical thinking skills lessonTeaching Historical Thinking Skills
    Here's how I taught historical thinking skills online. Students used Google Forms to create an interactive exploration of an historical image. […]
  • Curating Historical ContentCurating Historical Content
    This "Image Detective" activity guides students in finding / curating historical sources and then improving their visual literacy skills. […]
  • How to teach onlineHow to Teach Online
    This spring, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and mid course I made the transition to online without missing a beat. Here's two elements that made the "live-to-online" transition possible. […]

Ed tech pro tip: What’s the least amount of technology you could use to get the job done?

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