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Peter Pappas-2018

Peter Pappas is a University of Portland-based educator, writer and instructional designer exploring frontiers of teaching, jazz, Macs, film, great books, and garlic.

Pandemic project: learning to juggle.


Recent Posts

  • Fight Racism with VR
    These virtual and augmented reality programs allow the user to shift their point of view and experience the legacy of segregation in America. Students and teachers can “step inside” these immersive environments and feel the weight of systemic racism. These cutting edge approaches can inspire the next generation in America’s fight for social justice.
  • Mapping Inequality: Exploring Personal History in Redline Maps and the 1940 Census
    Here’s how my students used historical redlining maps and the 1940 Census to make a personal connection with government policies that fostered inequality and segregated nearly every major American city. Resources, how-to and sample student projects.
  • Teach with Alternative Histories
    Here’s a lesson idea and a free Google slides template that your students can use to creatively explore history.
  • Making Connections – Virtual Organizer
    I created – what I call a “Hexagonal Thinking Corroboration Tool.” I’m sharing it to help teachers assist students in making connections.
  • Take a Closer Look – Close Reading Historical Images
    After guiding students in how to use historical archives to find public domain images, here are two activities they can use to support a close reading.