Think, Before You Email (A Decision Tree Infographic)

As I’ve previously posted, filtering information and maintaining focus may be one of the most critical new literacies. Emails are at the top of my “needs better filtering” list.

And no, I’m not talking to spammers. Friends, family, clients – I’m talking to you. To begin with, why don’t you at least consider updating the subject lines of our emails after a reply or two.

OK enough venting. I thought you’d enjoy this infographic which offers guidance for email hygiene in the work place.

Actually its more of a decision tree than infographic, but it does have a cute kitten.

3 thoughts on “Think, Before You Email (A Decision Tree Infographic)

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    Terje - April 29, 2012

    It was interesting to follow the decision tree. I like the idea of no-email Friday. Thank you for sharing it on a blog and not sending an e-mail.

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    Marijke Rawie - May 9, 2012

    Hi Peter, I really like your infographic on sending email. From now on- after we have met yesterday- I will follow your blog. I think I can learn a lot here.

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    Peter Pappas - May 9, 2012

    Hi Marijke,
    You and Inge have been gracious hosts here in Amsterdam. I thought you might like this post I did a few years ago “First Google Map Discovered – Created in 1652” Saw the painting today at the Amsterdam Museum.
    Cheers, Peter

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