Twitter Visualization: What are the Key Words being Tweeted at ASCD Conference 2010

I was excited to receive a media invite from ASCD to be a “guest blogger” at their upcoming conference in San Antonio TX (March 6-8, 2010).  To get started, I’ve posted this Twitter StreamGraphs visualization that displays a flowing graph of the words most frequently used in the latest 1000 tweets marked with the hashtag #ascd10. 

Note: Since the conference closed I’ve updated the graph to show tweets using #ascd.  Click here for full screen graph.  Twitter StreamGraphs is designed @JeffClark

Check out my other Twitter visualizer – a Wiffiti screen which gathers Tweets marked with the hashtag #ascd10. It’s a great way to read the latest comments about the conference. Check back at my blog for my ASCD posts and follow me at Twitter / edteck. And see you at #ASCD10.



Navigation tips:


 Scroll to right for the latest keywords. Scroll down to see the full Tweet.

If you see a large spike in one time period that hides the detail in all the other periods, click in the area to the left of the y-axis to change the vertical scale.



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