ASCD Conference 2010 – The Prezi Updates – Final Installment

This is my final Prezi report on the San Antonio ASCD 2010 conference. Producing six reports in three days involved a bit of a learning curve. When I get a chance I intend to write a "how-to" post with Prezi tips. Thanks to ASCD for inviting me to be a guest blogger at the conference. They are great people and gracious hosts.  I met so many wonderful educators at the conference. Thanks for all you do!  Direct link to this Prezi


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2 Replies to “ASCD Conference 2010 – The Prezi Updates – Final Installment”

  1. Peter, these Prezis are fabulous! You did an amazing job. I am so inspired to start using Prezi myself now. About how long did it take you to make them?

    It was great to see you again this year–and this time at an ASCD-sponsored tweet-up, of all places! It’s exciting to how ASCD has used the input given last year. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  2. HI Angela,

    Great to see you as well. Glad you liked the Prezis – Over the 3 days I made six of them. As I toured the conference, I tried to capture photos and videos that I thought I might use. Also used some of my Tweets. All was done on my digital camera, iPhone and Flip Video. Then I’d head to the food court. Get a coffee and open up my MacBook to work on the Prezi. Had to downsize and convert the Flip video to flv. Downsize photos. Then construct the Prezi. Each Prezi took about 2 cappuccinos. When I get a chance, I’m going to create a “how to” post to share what I figured out.

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