Treading Water in a Swelling Sea of Information

Digital Nation

You are awash in information. Its marginal cost of production is approaching zero. As costs of goods drop, you naturally consume more.  It’s easy to deal with the other cheap stuff you bought and no longer want. (Just look at all those T-shirts in the back of your closet). Consuming information is different. It competes for your limited attention, and your ability to critically filter out unwanted “informational noise” is emerging as an important new literacy.  

PBS: FRONTLINE’s Digital_Nation explores the implications of living in a world consumed by digital media and the impact that this constant connectivity may have on future generations. Broadcast on Feb 2, 2010

I hope you find the time to watch the show. If you don’t have 90 minutes to spare, you can spend 4 and enjoy this trailer. 

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  1. My automatic thought is ‘what a great writing topic for students’ to write, blog, make a video about… they could collaborate with each other face to face, online in the virtual world, or present thoughts from time they spend being creative on their own.


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