TeachME 2009 International Education Conference ~ Dubai, UAE


I'm pleased to have been invited to present at the TeachME 2009 Conference in Dubai (January 14-15, 2009). TeachME 09 has registered delegates from: Australia, Egypt, Gambia, Germany, Iran, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Liberia, Pakistan, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and USA.

I will give two talks and offer three workshops. You can download pdf version of the handouts. I've removed the images and video to keep file size down.



The conference has been organized by Rearden Educationalthe only educational company of its kind in the Arab world, serving the Levant and GCC countries. Organized under the banner of Excellence in Education, the conference mission is:

Confronted with modern teaching techniques, educators have some thorny issues to sort through and a portfolio of skills to adopt in their quest to ensure lifelong learning. Today’s teachers must motivate students to read, seek knowledge, initiate activities that catalyze their curiosity, engage them in debates, innovate when resources are scarce, stimulate their senses and drive to explore, make it rewarding for them to investigate, captivate their interest in networking and get them to cooperate together towards a common and worthwhile purpose. Experts at the TeachME 2009 Conference will gear their efforts towards focusing their workshops around these themes adding inspiration to education in an innovative approach.

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