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First Presidential Debate – Obama, Romney, Lehrer Word Clouds

I enjoyed watching the first 2012 Presidential debates. Here’s three word clouds – from President Obama, Governor Romney and debate moderator, Jim Lehrer.

Each word cloud represents the 30 most frequently used words, with the frequency represented by font size. For all three, I removed names and titles from consideration (examples: President Obama, Governor Romney, Jim, Mr. etc). When the term “president” was use to refer to the office, it remained in the count.  Interesting that “47” never turned up.

President Obama

Governor Romney

Jim Lehrer

Transcript source: Washington Post
Word Cloud generation: Wordle.net

2 thoughts on “First Presidential Debate – Obama, Romney, Lehrer Word Clouds

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    Liz - October 8, 2012

    Amazing how the clouds are different from earlier ones. State of the Union and Obama’s Address to Congress.

  2. Reply
    Peter Pappas - October 8, 2012

    I hadn’t thought of making that comparison. Might be interesting to do a same candidate over time comparison. Great idea ~ Peter

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