Infographic: Google+ is a Ghost Town

Data comparing key metrics from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Digging beneath the number of accounts to data on activity and sharing. Some fuel for the debate: Google Plus – “It’s Really Popular Vs It’s A Ghost Town.”
When’s the last time you checked your G+?


8 Replies to “Infographic: Google+ is a Ghost Town”

  1. If they had remained a social network instead of trying to turn G+ into the world’s Identity card for the Internet, and quit cancelling accounts just because of someone’s name (there ARE people named Jacque Strap and Robin Hood in the world), I’d have stayed on G+. I love the circles idea.

    But they want to be an identity service, not a social network. Sorry Google, but you are not entitled to copies of my DLicense or birth certificate, and I’ll go by whatever name on the net that I wish to use. After all, the first rule we teach kids about the Internet is “don’t use your real name or address.”

    Your failure is your own fault google. And I shall never believe you when it comes to any cloud, social, or networking service again.

  2. I’m curious where the data came from? Most of the infographics I see these days list their sources at the bottom, but I don’t see that here. I checked the UMPF site but didn’t see it there either. Thanks!

  3. I should admit that I adore Google Plus. 🙂 For many many reasons. Hangouts is a big one, and I am unutterably thrilled with their tool for tracking dissemination of popular posts through the network. Dataviz goosebumps! Meaning to blog about those.

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