Jon Stewart “Teachers are Destroying America”

Thanks Jon for satirizing the latest attempt to pit one segment of  working Americans against another.

“The greed that led you into the profession?” I started teaching for $6700 a year and got to spend my summers standing on a ladder – always hoping I could finish the last of my paint jobs before heading back into the classroom.

Enjoy the clip – when it comes to education, there’s little to laugh about these days.
For another satire on the current education scene see my post “Vintage 1910 French Postcard Predicts Bill Gates and NCLB.”

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4 thoughts on “Jon Stewart “Teachers are Destroying America”

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    Eric Nentrup - March 8, 2011

    it’s Jon Stewart, not John. but GREAT share!

  2. Reply
    Peter Pappas - March 9, 2011

    Thanks Eric – I guess I should know that spelling counts!

  3. Reply
    Peter Pappas - April 4, 2011


    Thanks for the great link to the Jon Stewart piece on Fox News’ Hypocrisy Comparing Teachers, Wall Street. Once again he nails it!

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