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Back in March, I used Twitter to virtually attend the ASCD conference. Unfortunately the visualizing tool I used (TwitterCloudExplorer) is now off line. Here's a new tool called StreamGraph that I'm using to visualize the  latest 1000 tweets which contain the search word "NECC." The 2009 National Educational Computing Conference is being held in Washington DC from June 28 – July 1. Sorry I have to miss it.

Since the conference has ended I have replace the live StreamGraph of NECC with this screen shot of what the graph looked like during the conference. 
Link to StreamGraph


The StreamGraph shows the usage over time for the words most highly associated with the search word. One of these series together with a time period are in a selected state and coloured red. The tweets that contain this word in the given time period are shown below the graph. You can click on another word series or time period to see different matches. In the match list you click on any word to create a different graph with tweets containing that word. You can also click on the user or comment icons and any URL to see the appropriate content in another window. If you see a large spike in one time period that hides the detail in all the other periods it will be useful to click in the area to the left of the y-axis in order to change the vertical scale.

Twitter StreamGraph was created by Jeff Clark. Check out his other great visualizations at Neoformix.

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