Hands on With AI

I’m offering a workshop for educational leaders at AI Empowered EDU conference at the University of Portland on May 14. My session is called “Hands on with AI.”

I created this website to support the workshop.

The site gives tips on how to create prompts, best AI assistants, and sample prompts. The prompt library offers sample prompts useful for students, teacher and educational leaders.

It also includes an excellent how-to videos.

Here’s the workshop agenda.

Are you curious about the potential of artificial intelligence in education? Join our interactive workshop to explore how AI can enhance teaching and learning.
Visit the LLMs Page to see suggested AI assistants.

Hands-On Exploration: Bring your own laptop and dive into practical activities. Collaborate with fellow participants in small groups as we explore AI tools and applications.
– Use Cases: Discover real-world examples of AI from the perspective of student, teacher and administrator. You’ll explore prompts and scenarios that improve efficiency, spark creativity and enhance problem-solving.
– Tool Showcase: The session will feature custom website that showcases AI tools and methods relevant to education.

AI-created featured image above