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Civic Decision Making
Developed and written by Peter Pappas
A supplement to: Contributing Writer, Civics - Government and Citizenship  Jack Fraenkel (Needham: Prentice-Hall, 1990))
Each Decision-Making Activity defines an issue, gives background information, and summarizes arguments for and against a particular solution to a problem. One set of questions tests comprehension of the material, and a second set of critical thinking questions challenges students to interpret and evaluate what they have learned 
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Unit 1: Should High Schools Allow Bible Clubs?
Unit 2: Should the United States Establish a National Youth Service Corps?
Unit 3: Do Curfew Laws Unfairly Restrict the Rights of Minors?  
Unit 4: Should Throwaway Plastics Be Banned from Our Communities? 
Unit 5: Should Teen Working Hours Be Restricted?  
Unit 6: Should American Corporations Continue To Do Business in South Africa?  
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